Photo by Dan White

Dr Stone is a Consultant Rheumatologist. She trained in Ireland and Canada. She worked as a Consultant in Toronto, Canada for several years before returning to work in the UK as a Consultant. 

She became a Rheumatologist as she enjoys getting to know her patients and helping them over the course of their condition. Dr Stone is involved in research having trained as an Epidemiologist in Canada to understand how diseases affect people with arthritis. Her current area of research is back pain and health and well being of patients with chronic disease.

"Rheumatology is fascinating as it involves cases that affects many parts of the body and often the diagnosis can elude us for a long time or be difficult to spot. In recent years there has been an explosion of knowledge about our diseases which has led to new and effective therapies".


Photo by Nicole Rivera, New York Dr Stone enjoys her work and in her free time loves to spend time with her children. She is a keen runner. She finds it relaxing and challenging all in one. "Running is fun, keeps me fit and healthy!"